Celestial Events 2022

Dark Sky Friendly
The stars have aligned in The Galena Territory, and has been named one of the best stargazing locations in the nation according to the International Dark-Sky Association (IDA). Eagle Ridge Resort & Spa is nestled in the heart of The Galena Territory, making it a perfect destination for a skygazing get-away.
Dark sky fans of all ages are invited to stay with us and experience a new stargazing adventure. With weekday rates starting at $139, all guests need to do is walk outside and gaze upwards to see a major show almost any night of the year. Specific celestial events can be particularly spectacular in and around the resort. Reference the calendar below and book a room in the Inn or one of our 250 one- to multi-bedroom homes or townhouses located throughout The Galena Territory.
Inspired by the designation, Stonedrift Spa is also featuring a Biodynamic Lunar Glow Facial, which includes ingredients that harness the celestial energy of the cosmos. Guests who book this facial Mon-Thurs receive $15 off.

Enjoy our night skies!

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What's Coming

February: 16th Full Moon Called The Snow Moon
March: 8th Full Moon
April: 6th Full Moon I  22nd Lyrids Meteor Shower 20 Meteors/Hour
May: 6th ETA Aquarids Meteor Shower 60 Meteors/Hour I  16th Total Lunar Eclipse I  21st  Stargazing At The GTA
June: 14th Super Moon I 16th Clear View Of Mercury I 25th Stargazing At The GTA
July: 13th Full Moon I 30th Stargazing At The GTA
August: 12th Full Moon I 12th Persieds Meteor Shower I 14th Saturn Is Closest To Earth I 27th Stargazing At The GTA
September: 10th Full Moon I 16th Neptune Is Closest To Earth I 17th Stargazing At The GTA
October:: 7th Draconids Meteor Shower I 9th The Blood Moon I 22nd Stargazing At the GTA
November: 4th Taurids Meteor Shower I 8th The Dark Moon and Partial Lunar Eclipse I 9th Uranus Is Closest To Earth I 16th  Ursids Meteor Shower
December: 8th Cold Moon I 13th Geminids Meteor Shower 120 Meteors/Hour I 21st Mercury Will Be In The Western Sky I 21st Ursids Meteor Shower


More information on the Development of Distinction Award:

More information on the Development of Distinction Award: The Development of Distinction award from the IDA was many years in the making. Nearly 50 years ago, when The Galena Territory was developed, The Galena Territory Association (GTA) made a concerted effort to keep the area safe for residents while reducing light pollution with an outside lighting policy. Three years ago, the Territory’s property owners applied for and received the 2021 Development of Distinction recognition. Today, the night sky in The Galena Territory rates a “three” on the Bortle Scale, which measures the amount of light pollution for a given location. The highest rating, “nine,” represents the most extreme amount of light pollution.